Baby monitor with display, 1 St

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Babyphone mit Display, 1 St - The NUK Babyphone Eco Control + is equipped with the Eco-mode function that always only uses the transmitter in the nursery in the transmission mode when it is really necessary. The baby is sleeping, resting the transmitter, there is no transmission radiation. The DECT technology guarantees trouble-free and reliable transmission. The battery life is up to 24 hours when fully charged. but the device can also be operated via a power cord or batteries (AAA, 2 pieces, included). In the house, the range is about 50 meters, otherwise there are up to 300 meters, when exceeding warns the receiving part via LED display. The parent unit of the baby monitor can easily be found again by means of the pager from the transmitter. The receiver volume can be regulated. The unit also has an intercom function, a vibrating alarm, room temperature display, a night light and selectable Einschlafmelodien.Dieser article is only available in the online shop.