Baby Phone Eco Control plus video, 1 St

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With the NUK Eco Control + video the sounds from the nursery are reliably transmitted. In addition, parents have on a large 2.8 inch color LCD monitor also look at what is in a cot in front of him. For a better overview, this monitor has a zoom function. The device is also characterized by an intelligent radiation protection (Full eco mode) and a high transmission reliability with excellent sound quality. The range is 300 meters away from home and 50 meters indoors. Its benefits also include an intercom feature that allows parents the child can calm from a distance, a choice of five lullabies and a room temperature display. Practically, the vibration alarm on the parent unit, which can be switched on in addition to or instead of the acoustic signals. The device can be obtained on batteries (lithium-ion, 1 piece included) or batteries betreiben.Exclusiv in the online shop