Reer Babykostwärmer "Basic", 1 St

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Babykostwärmer "Basic", 1 St - The Basic Babykostwärmer of reer heated bottles and jars in about 10 minutes. He is now an indispensable part of the modern household, since it saves time and the daily lives of parents greatly simplified. The baby food is heated evenly and gently in the water, so no important nutrients are lost. The practical warm function keeps the food will be as long as needed to temperature until it for consumption. The desired temperature of baby food can be adjusted in five steps. With an internal diameter of 7.8 cm find it easily baby food jars, standard and wide-mouth bottles Square. The practical and integrated cord storage in the housing bottom is particularly safe for children because the child can not pull dangling cables. The Basic Baby Food Warmer is equipped with an overheating protection.