Reer Changing radiant heater 300 / 600W with automatic shutoff, 1 St

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Wickeltisch-Heizstrahler 300/600W mit Abschaltautomatik, 1 St - If the baby is undressed, should always be taken to ensure sufficient ambient temperature. Especially strong temperature fluctuations such as after bathing should be avoided. So that you can maintain your baby during winding loving or dry after bathing in peace, reer offers the changing heating lamp. The high-grade heating element, optionally with 300 watts or 600 watts (2 heat) gives the little selective and quickly warmth and thus prevented from cooling down and its sequelae. The radiant of reer is GS tested. It is equipped with safety heating coils with splinter protection and an integrated automatic shutdown. The mounting bracket allows for easy and secure attachment to the wall. The pull switch and status indicator allow for easy and convenient handling. The heating is up to 45 ° tilt. Dimensions: 58 cm x 13 cm x 11 cm.